About Us

Hi, I'm Machelle

I have always been a do it yourself kind of person with a love for jewelry.  Although I didn't have any formal jewelry design classes I just decided to jump in and figure things out.  It started out as a way to make some special Christmas gifts for my family and friends. In doing so, I ended up finding a passion and love for designing jewelry, therefore, creating Uniquely Stated Jewelry.  

Each piece of jewelry is unique in the way that a customer gets to add their own personalization to it creating a meaningful keepsake for them.  It makes my heart happy to be able to touch others lives, when indeed it's them who have touched mine.  I enjoy hearing all the stories and being able to represent them on a piece of jewelry.  

I am a mother to 2 wonderful boys and wife to a supportive husband that encourages and supports me in all my endeavors.  I look forward to the journey and what lies ahead.  I truly am blessed to have the opportunity to do something that I absolutely love to do. 

When I have down time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, travel, shopping, trying out new recipes that I find on Pinterest.  Yes, I am a pinterest junkie.  Besides the great recipes, there are so many ideas and re-purposes for everything imaginable.